Mystery Author Rhys Bowen

The Royal Spyness Series

Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie, 35th in line for the throne, is flat broke. She’s struggling to make a life of her own in the difficult time of the Great Depression. But that’s not easy with her awful family and the queen constantly finding little tasks for her to perform (that often seem to involve murder). But there are compensations like visits to the French Riviera, and the dashing, dangerous Darcy O’Mara.

Her Royal Spyness – A Royal Pain – Royal Flush – Royal Blood – Naughty in Nice – The Twelve Clues of Christmas – Heirs and Graces

Molly Murphy Mystery Series

Molly Murphy always knew she’d end up in trouble, just as her mother predicted. So, when she commits murder in self-defense, she flees her cherished Ireland, and her identity, for the anonymous shores of America. In New York she’ll build a new life for herself, take on a tough job as a detective and eventually find true love.

Murphy’s Law – Death Riley – For the Love of Mike – In Like Flynn – Oh Danny Boy – In Dublin’s Fair City – Tell Me Pretty Maiden – In a Gilded Cage – The Last Illusion – Bless the Bride – Hush Now, Don’t You Cry – The Family Way

Constable Evans Series

A refugee from city life, Constable Evan Evans hardly gets a chance to settle down in Llanfair, a secluded Welsh village with plenty of local color, before he must investigate the murder of two hikers on a mountain.  Follow Evan’s progress from village policeman to detective.

Evans Above – Evan Help Us – Evanly Choirs – Evan and Elle – Evan can Wait – Evans to Betsy – Evan’s Gate – Evan Only Knows – Evan Blessed – Evanly Bodies


The E Book Short Stories:

Molly Murphy Stories: The Amersham Rubies. The Face in the Mirror.

Royal Spyness Series : Masked Ball at Broxley Manor.

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  • Luanne Giessen:

    HI — I have visited Llandudno in Wales and Llanfair seems so like it. I would love to read the series but cannot find any of the earlier books in print. Is there any place to find them? I am a bit picky — I like to read series in their proper order and have only been able to find Evans Above and the more recent two or three books. I also LOVE the Royal Spyness series and wait for each new one eagerly.

    Thanks and best regards,

    • rhys:

      I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply to you. My website has been down when my web person became ill and I’ve just now been able to access it again.
      The Constable Evans books are now hard to find, except that most are available as e-books. I’m working to make sure the whole series goes up on Amazon, but apart from that–it’s hard.
      I do have extra copies of Evan Help Us–the second book, and a few of the others which I’d be willing to let you buy from me if you let me know which ones you are missing.


  • Anne:

    I have read Molly Murphy. I just started Her Royal Spyness. such Fun! I look forward to Constable Evans.

  • Diane Sharp:

    I just finished all the Lady Georgiana books and now I am bereft that there aren’t any more yet. I am working on the Molly Murphy series and just ordered Evans Above from Maybe those will hold me until I can read about Georgie again.

  • Lee Reese:

    I NEED my Georgiana fix! When will the next book come out?

  • Melanie:

    I see there is a new Molly Murphy book coming out (or has just come out), but I am anxiously awaiting Georgie’s newest adventure. Will there be something soon? Oh, I just read on your blog that they are going to film Royal Spyness. It sounds fun, but please don’t let them ruin Darcy like they did Morelli in

  • Melanie:

    I see there is a new Molly Murphy book coming out (or has just come out), but I am anxiously awaiting Georgie’s newest adventure. Will there be something soon? Oh, I just read on your blog that they are going to film Royal Spyness. It sounds fun, but please don’t let them ruin Darcy like they did Morelli in One for the Money. You must insist that they find a ‘black Irish’ type as you have described him. I notice Daniel is the same. – a personsal weakness perhaps?

    • rhys:

      The next Spyness book is due out November 2012. It’s called The Twelve Clues of Christmas.
      And I have no control over what they do to Darcy in the movie. Just keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

  • Hi, I just finished reading your new Molly and enjoyed it. I was wondering if you had gone to Newport and saw the Mansions
    and the Cliff Walk. It did make ma a little homesick as I am originally from Massachusetts and have been to Newport many times.
    Will you bewriting anymore Evan books. Thank you.
    Lillian R Hall

    • rhys:

      Yes, I went to Newport once but during the writing of this book I used Google Earth to remind me how I walked from A to B and how long it took. What a great tool!/
      I’m glad you are enjoying my books.
      I am planning to write a Constable Evans e-story, but probably no more books for a while.

  • I have loved all of the Rhys Bowen books. I am very lucky; our local library has all of them – including the earlier ones. Thank you for entertaining your readers so well!

  • Melissa Massy:

    I just love the Georgiana books! They were so captivating that as soon as I stumbled onto the first one I read them all. I’m excited for the Christmas book and hope the movie is good. I just wanted to say Thank You for entertaining me so much!

  • Nov.3, 2012

    Just “Adore” your books!!! Have shared them with so many of my friends. I was sad to hear the “Constable Evans Series” is continuing on E-Books ONLY, as I do not have the source, to use such books. I have been able, to get and read, Th first six books in the series and hope to get the other four from my library. My question is does “Evan’s Gate” come before “Evan Only Knows”?? There is a discrepancy between my list and the one listed on your website.i have been able to read them in order
    to date.

    I must admit my absolute favorite series is “The Molly Murphy Series”. My grandparents (on father’s side) came here from
    Ireland, so I guess I was just drawn to your dear Molly. I love the history you have woven through each story, from her landing in NY, to her trip back to Ireland and then there was Coney Island too. I have enjoyed every moment with Molly and her friends.
    Please could you let me know when her next story can be shared with me???? I believe I have read all11 books in the series.
    The last one being “Hush Now Don’t You Cry”, which I read this Spring 2012.
    Thank You for your time and Please……Keep your wonderful characters alive and well!

    Kathy Miller

  • Erica:

    Love, love, love. I was browsing Amazon and the Royal Spyness series was recommended to me because I adore Maisie Dobbs. I was so happy to find out that you and Jacqueline Winspear know each other. I think Maisie and Georgie would like each other –perhaps a spin-off series is in order? ;)

    I pretty much ran through the first two books in a few days and I am on the third. I just love Darcy. I can’t wait to find out if they get together.

    Mostly I’m just happy to find a strong, witty heroine in fiction, which are sometimes hard to come by. I love that Georgie can get herself out of any scrape.

    Thank you for such a great series.

  • Dawn:

    Came across the Royal Spyness series by chance & have enjoyed all the books! Finishing the “Christmas” book now and have to ask what may be a silly question… what does the reference to Brighton and Mr. & Mrs. Smith mean?

    Also, a few discrepancies that others have probably noted — in “Her Royal Spyness” Georgina meets Mrs. Simpson for the first time, but they also meet for the first time in “Masked Ball” which takes place 2 or 3 years earlier. At the end of “Naughty in Nice” Georgina has a new fur coat courtesy of her mother, but in “Christmas” she’s wishing she had one. In “Royal Pain” Georgina thinks of telling Hanny that Darcy’s penniless, but a few pages earlier, she already had. Minor, but I’m a very detail-oriented reader so these catch my eye.

    I do hope Georgina and Darcy will soon resolve their relationship and be able to marry. It’s nearly 2 years since they (officially) met and I hope the story line will not be drawn out too much longer where it begins to drag. There is so much potential for future story lines even if they are married.

    Thank you for your attention to my comments and for this enjoyable series! Shall have to try one of your others while waiting for the next Spyness edition!

    • rhys:

      Reference to Mr and Mrs. Smith. Brighton was the place to go for a weekend of elicit sex, always checking into a hotel s Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

  • i am mary from canada love molly murphy fantastic even love gus and sid how did you come up with those characters.
    i am now reading in a gilded cage any new ones out yet i hope so thanks mary !!!!!

  • Sandy Ypma:


    My friends and I love, love your 3 series and have devoured them and wish there were more. We do not have access to the E-books being older readers that use the library. Wondering why they are not in book form for others like us???????

    Sandy Ypma

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