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Mystery Author Rhys Bowen

The Royal Spyness Series

Lady Victoria Georgiana Charlotte Eugenie, 34th in line for the throne, is flat broke. She’s bolted Scotland, her greedy brother, and her fish-faced betrothed for London. The place where she’ll experience freedom, learn life lessons aplenty, do a bit of spying for HRH

Her Royal Spyness – A Royal Pain – Royal Flush – Royal Blood – Naughty in Nice

Molly Murphy Mystery Series

Molly Murphy always knew she’d end up in trouble, just as her mother predicted. So, when she commits murder in self-defense, she flees her cherished Ireland, and her identity, for the anonymous shores of America.

Murphy’s Law – Death Riley – For the Love of Mike – In Like Flynn – Oh Danny Boy – In Dublin’s Fair City – Tell Me Pretty Maiden – In a Gilded Cage – The Last Illusion – Bless the Bride

Constable Evans Series

A refugee from city life, Constable Evan Evans hardly gets a chance to settle down in Llanfair, a secluded Welsh village with plenty of local color, before he must investigate the murder of two hikers on a mountain.

Evans Above – Evan Help Us – Evanly Choirs – Evan and Elle – Evan can Wait – Evens to Betsy – Evan’s Gate – Even Only Knows – Even Blessed

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  • Barbara Lawson:

    Rhys, you are my new favorite author! I read all the Constable Evans series, then all the Her Royal Spyness series, and now I am half way through the Molly Murphy series. I think I should slow down my reading so I don’t run out of your books. I have Scottish roots and I love the historical parts as much as the stories. Thank you for many hours of enjoyable reading. Barbara

    • rhys:

      I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply to you. My website has been down when my web person became ill and I’ve just now been able to access it again.
      I’m really glad you’re enjoying my books. I’ll keep them coming
      All best

  • Michele Galloway:

    Ms. Bowen,

  • Michele Galloway:

    Ms. Bowen,

    You are great author. After I finished the Molly Murphy series I felt like I lost a friend and am currently reading the Royal Spyness series. When I read your books I really feel like I am in a different world. That seems to be a lost art with other books I have read. After a long day at work I look forward to seeing what Georgiana is up to hee-hee. Are there going to be more installments of The Royal Spyness series?

    • rhys:

      Michelle, I’m so glad you get such pleasure from my books. I have to tell you that Molly is not over. She may be married but she’s still going to be solving cases. The next book comes out in March. And Georgie will be going on for a long time. I’ve just signed a contract for three more titles. The next Georgie book comes out November 2012. It’s called The Twelve Clues of Christmas.

  • Sherree:

    I love all your books. Have you thought of branching out to audio books. I think your writing would translate very well to that media.

    I am sorry to hear you have been ill. Hope you are now better so you can write faster. I can hardly wait for more.


  • norma duhamel:

    Hi Rhys: Started reading your books in early 2011 from my local library. I have read them all except Bless the Bride, which I have in my possession, and will be starting today. Totally enjoy all of your books; love your style of writing mysteries. Eagerly awaiting your new one in March.
    an avid fan…norma duhamel

  • Susan Joyner:

    Ms. Bowen, I discovered your books in the local library, became enchanted with your characters and I am hopelessly hooked. I have every book in all three series. I especially adore the Molly Murphy series, she is such a bundle of very real female emotions and spunk and determination, independent yet very much a lady. I look forward to any all of your new books. Could you possibly inform me or any other books you have written other than these series? You are blessed with an amazing talent. Respectfully, Susan Joyner

  • Joyce:

    I first heard a Molly Murphy book on tape while caring for my mother and then read a Lady Georgiana Her Royal Spyness. I so enjoy reading all your books I have read all of Goergiana and I am now reading my way through the Molly Murphy series.I love how your leading women are strong and smart, very refreshing. I also enjoy the historical references. Love them all. Thank you for hours of enjoyment.

  • Kerry:

    I’m so happy to see another book about Molly.Haven’t yet read Bless the bride but am going to go out and get it. Having lived in NYC for 25 yrs. I can picture all the places Molly goes to. Thanks so much for these great books!! Kerry

  • Cheryl:

    I have now read every book except the second and third book of the Evan Evans series. I read most on the Kindle and have loved every one. Can’t wait for “12 Clues of Christmas”. Thanks for the great reads.

  • Kate:

    I found the Royal Spyness books at my library a few weeks ago and borrowed the first two. I think I was back within a couple days to borrow the next two, then I had to wait for “Naughty in Nice” (it was perfectly unbearable!). I’ve read “Evens Above” and “Evens to Betsy” and am now working on “Evenly Bodies” (alas, my library is sadly lacking in this series) and I’ve got “Murphy’s Law” to read next. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all, to the point that I’m afraid I haven’t been very productive, I’ve been too busy reading! It’s going to be a very long wait until November, I’m afraid! Thank you so much!

  • Kelly:

    Love the Royal Spyness and Constable Evans series. A good book series is so addicting it’s kind of depressing when I finish the latest one. Please write more : (

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