Constable Evans

Constable Evans Mystery Series in Reading Order

Cover of Evans Above myster by Rhys BowenEvans Above

(Constable Evans Series #1)

Berkley Prime Crime

Constable Evans arrives in Llanfair, seeking peace and quiet after a major trauma in his life. When two hikers fall to their deaths on Mt. Snowdon, Evan is sure that the deaths are not accidents — but are they linked to the mysterious destruction of Mrs. Powell-Jones’ prize winning tomatoes?

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Mystery Author Rhys Bowen's Constable Evans Series, Evan Help UsEvan Help Us

(Constable Evans Series #2)

Berkley Prime Crime

Constable Evans is drawn into a whirl of cultural pride, deception and greed when a local prodigal son announces plans to erect an amusement park in an abandoned slate quarry. Evan realizes just how deep passions and hostilities lie, and discovers the village’s ambition — to earn the right to the longest name in the world. Events soon turn deadly and Evan has to solve two seemingly unrelated murders.


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Find out more about Evanly Choirs and read an excerpts by Rhys BowenEvanly Choirs

(Constable Evans Series #3)

Berkley Prime Crime

Evan doesn’t think that the addition of his voice will help the Llanfair choir win the local eisteddfod — they sound terrible. But a miracle occurs when famous tenor Ifor Llewellyn comes back to his birth place and agrees to help the choir. Ifor has only been in the village a few days when the locals realize his presence is a mixed blessing. Noisy fights, a threatening stranger and Ifor’s warped sense of humor make life in Llanfair increasingly tense. But is someone unhappy enough to commit murder?

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Constable Evans Mystery, Evan and Elle by Rhys BowenEvan & Elle

(Constable Evans Series #4)

There is both excitement and dismay in Llanfair when a new French restaurant opens in an old chapel. The glamourous owner, Madame Yvette, tries to win over the locals and everything seems to be going well until a string of arson fires plagues the village. One night the restaurant burns down, and a body is found in the rubble. Constable Evans joins Sergeant Watkins in following a trail of clues that leads them to the South of England and then to France, and finally to the inevitable conclusion that a dangerous killer is loose in Llanfair.

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Evan Can Wait

(Constable Evans Series #5)

Berkley Prime Crime

Constable Evan Evans, police officer in the village of Llanfair, is assigned to assist an expedition to raise a World War II Nazi bomber plane from a lake. The whole venture is being filmed for a documentary on the war and Evan tries to assist the film crew by finding them local people with stories to tell. Little does he realize that resurrecting the past can sometimes mean opening old wounds.

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Evans To Betsy

(Constable Evans Series #6)

Berkley Prime Crime

Betsy is finally getting the recognition she thinks she deserves. An American grad student is doing research on psychic ability among the Celts and it seems that Betsy might possess second sight. She is taken to a nearby New Age center for further testing. When the center’s flamboyant director goes missing, it is Betsy who dreams where he will be found. Constable Evans is looking into the disappearance of another American college student at the same center. Betsy decides to do a spot of sleuthing of her own. If she were really psychic, wouldn’t she be able to see that she’s heading into danger?

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Evan Only Knows by Mystery Author Rhys BowenEvan Only Knows

(Constable Evans Series #7)

Berkley Prime Crime

The foot and mouth epidemic is decimating flocks in North Wales. Evan is so sickened by his job that he takes Bronwen to Swansea, to meet his mother. Disturbing news greets them on their arrival. The boy who shot his policeman father has been released from juvenile detention and hs been arrested again for raping and murdering a young girl. Evan feels the need to help out with the case, to make sure the young man goes to jail for good this time. But when he meets Tony, he becomes convinced that the boy didn’t do it. Now he has to decide whether to go against his fellow police, his deepest wish and his mother to prove the innocence of a young thug.

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Constable Evans Mystery Evan's Gate by Rhys BowenEvan’s Gate

(Constable Evans Series #8)

Berkley Prime Crime

Welsh constable Evan Evans has found the most delightful shepherd’s cottage, but before he selas the deal, a five- year-old vanishes from a seaside caravan park—and he must consider all the suspects. But he can’t help wondering if the abduction is related to the disappearance of another girl, twenty-five years ago. Now, as he and his fiancée try to build their dream house, he must also build a difficult case against a possible double murderer.

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Constable Evans Mystery, Evan Blessed by Rhys Bowen

Evan Blessed

(Constable Evans Series #9)

Berkley Prime Crime

Constable Evan Evans is almost done planning his wedding. Just as he is ready to relax, Evans meets a hiker whose girlfriend has gone missing on Mt. Snowdon. A search for the girl yields no trace but instead turns up a bunker complete with chains and handcuffs. Are the two related? And if so, where is the girl being held?

A series of clues make Evan and the police realize that they are dealing with a clever but twisted mind. Then a second person vanishes and this time Evans knows the victim: his fiance. Her disappearance makes Evans realize that the culprit’s vendetta might be quite personal-and directed at Evans himself.



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Evanly Bodies by Rhys BowenEvanly Bodies

(Constable Evans Series #10)

Berkley Prime Crime

Detective Constable Evan Evans and his new bride, Bronwen, are settling into married life in their little cottage above the village of Llanfair when they meet the daughter of one of the village’s newest families, a sixteen-year-old Pakistani girl named Jamila. Bronwen and Jamila are becoming good friends when Jamila finds out from her parents that they have arranged a marriage for her back in Pakistan. Evans tries to convince her family not to enforce the custom, arguing that Jamila is a normal Welsh teenager, but just as the tensions increase, the girl suddenly vanishes. Bronwen is distraught, but there’s no trace of her.

At work, Evans is investigating the murder of a man shot to death through the open window of his home while eating breakfast. After the man’s wife is jailed as a suspect, a second man is killed—-and then a third—-and Evans and his team are on the hunt for a serial killer. But they can’t seem to find any connections between the three men….

In the surprising climax of Edgar Award finalist Rhys Bowen’s tenth Constable Evans mystery, Evans risks everything to solve the murders and discover what happened to Jamila. All in all, the novel is a triumph for fans of Bowen’s acclaimed Evans series, and a wonderful discovery for new readers.

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62 Responses to “Constable Evans”

  • Ian Grieve:

    Why are half the Rhys Bowen books on Kindle are not available for Australians? We can read the Royal Spyness series, most of the Molly Murphy except the latest and probably the next, none of the Evans series at all. I am sure it isn’t an Amazon decision, it must be a publsher decision. I haven’t seen any of the books in local book stores so it can’t be a fear of competition by Australian bookstores.

    • rhys:

      I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply to you. My website has been down when my web person became ill and I’ve just now been able to access it again.
      It’s a question of who owns world rights to the books, I suspect. But all the Royal Spyness books should be available by now as they are available in the UK. I’ll pass your nessage along to my publishers and see what can be done. Very short sighted as I know my books would be enjoyed Down Under!
      Rhys Bowen

  • lee:

    Are ther any new Evan Evan stories in the works? Our family lives in Texas now, but we are from, and still have family in Penrhyn Bay, Wales. We’ve many happy memories of Snowdonia, and Evans is like an old friend. The stories are great.

    • rhys:

      I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply to you. My website has been down when my web person became ill and I’ve just now been able to access it again.
      I wish I could have better news on Evan but I don’t see any new books on the horizon. But I am planning to write some Evan short stories to keep us all up to date with him.
      Best wishes, cofion cynnes and Nadolig llawen


  • Anne:

    I have just started reading Her Royal Spyness! Such fun! Thank-you

  • Anne:

    I look forward to reading Constable Evans–Such clever titles!

  • I’m hoping you will write more books about Evan Evans. I really enjoy them!

  • Ms. Bowen … I very much miss Constable Evans. Can’t you find another story for him? Tom

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  • Mary Sawyer:

    I concur with the already published comments because I miss Evan Evans too. The characters are delightful, and the plots are most intriguing. No wonder it takes a while to write them. Please consider bringing him back,

    Ibby Sawyer

  • Tom:

    I agree with Lynn H I really like the Evan Evans books and will like to see more of them. I also enjoy lady Victoria. I do not enjoy the Molly Murphy novels although my dad and my aunt enjoy them. I sure would like to see more Evan Evans.

    • rhys:

      I would like to bring Evan back in more books, but it’s a question of what the publisher thinks is selling well. After they took most of the titles out of print it didn’t make sense for me to write any new ones, since readers could no llonger find the whole series to read. I’m planning to write some Evan novellas when I get a minute or two.

      • Chris:

        You may be happy to know that it is easy to get all the Evans titles at Amazon and other online outlets. The prices were very reasonable! Hope to see more of him.

      • Mary:

        I found all of the Evans books here at the San Diego Public Library! Thanks for writing!

  • Sylvia:

    I’m about halfway through the Constable Evans series and I am enjoying the books immensely. I like it when being an armchair traveler is part of the mystery experience. Luckily my library carries all the copies of the series. I recently finished the Molly Murphy series (thus far) which I absolutely loved. Your research of the era was excellent and truly moved the experience to a different level. The historical figures and events that you incorporated into the stories were fun and fascinating. I would love to see the character of Molly Murphy in a well-done TV adaptation such as Masterpiece Mystery. Next up will be Royal Spyness. Thanks!!

  • Kathy Habeeb:

    PLEASE write more Evan Evans books — I will buy any you write! I love them.

  • Alicia:

    Please write more Evans books!! I would love to buy them! This series is excellent, great mystery writing with just the right touch of romance and humor. I think there is enough of a ready market for them that they should be brought back into publication. To be quite candid, this series has the potential and could easily out do MC Beaton’s Hamish MacBeth in popularity.

    • rhys:

      Who knows? I may write more. I definitely plan to write some Evan e-stories. I’ll keep you informed.

      • Dorothy Bermudez:

        I am joining the chorus for more Constable Evans books. If you’re writing e-stories, I guess I have to break down and get a kindle. It’s just not the same as a real book, especially for those of us who are technologically disadvantaged. See you at Malice.

  • Karen:


    I still have not figured out where Llanfair is supposed to be. England, Scotland?

  • Eileen:

    I absolutely love the Royal Spyness series–I just read three in a row! They are often very funny, and always very engaging. I love “living” in 1930s Britain, going to house parties and the palace for tea, and I so enjoy the Georgie/Darcy relationship, and meeting famous people of that era. Please keep writing more! I have also enjoyed several of the Molly Murphy series, since I was born in Manhattan and my grandfather was involved in building New York City when Molly was at work. Thank you so much for many hours of pleasure!

  • Jillian:

    More Evans please!
    My household has just discovered the Evans series and is thoroughly enjoying them. I’m distressed to see that Mrs. Bowen hasn’t added to the series in a while. More Evans!

    • Deborah:

      I agree with you – I love the Constable Evans series. It’s very frustrating to be left wondering if Evan will ever be appreciated and promoted as he so richly deserves or if he will just continue to be made to suffer under the likes of Bragg. It’s really sad when characters are so real they become a sort of extended family and then they just sort of fade into non-existence.

  • nasanta:

    I am enjoying the Royal Spyness series, which I picked up at Audible’s First in the Series sale a couple months back. I just finished the second book and started the third. I was interested in checking out your other series in audiobook and noticed that only the ninth book in the Constable series is available. I like what I’m hearing of the sample; John Lee is the narrator. I was wondering why the other books aren’t available.

  • Sharii:

    I second & third all comments abou the Constable Evans Mystery’s. I have read them all several times and woud love to have more in the series. I would love to go on a trip and explore the area where the stories take place.

  • April:

    I agree with and join the requests for more Evan Evans. He is one of my most favorite protagonists and I really enjoy reading, and re-reading, all the books in the series. You are a very talented writer. Thank you for sharing your imagination with the world {^__^}

  • ga mcclelland:

    dear ms. bowen,

    I must include myself in the fans of evans group. I loved every one of the books, but I also am a lover of short stories, (big time on that front), so I am especially thrilled to read that you plan to possibly write some evan evans short stories. do you have a way of notifying your fans where and when they can read these stories, if they come to pass? thank you for all your hard work and continued success to you.

    ga mcclelland

  • I have read all your Evans books and wait for more, Please. Born in Cardiff and now living in Cheboygan Michigan the books remind me of home at every page turn. Thanks Paul
    Below is a web site that is in Wales. Evan Evans Brewery, just in case you had not heard of it.

    I am trying to write a book about a murder on Mackinaw Island, the Island in Lake Huron with no cars only horses and

    • rhys:

      There are also Evan Evans coaches, Paul!
      I am planning to do an Evan e-story later this year so keep everyone up to date with him.

      And I love Mackinaw Island–such fun if chases have to be on foot.

  • Janice Baker:

    I have read many of the Evans books and really enjoy them. I have a question though about book “Evan and Elle”. Took me a while to understand the title – I was looking for someone named Elle to appear!
    I also really enjoy the Royal Spyness series. Its nice to be in the different locations and time settings.
    Havent read the Molly Murphy books yet but am looking forward to them.
    Thank you!
    Janice Baker

  • Chris B:

    I sure would like to see more Constable Evan Evans books!!

    • rhys:

      No more books in the near future but I am planning to write an e-book novella to keep us up to date with Evan and what he’s been doing.
      I’ll let you know when it’s coming out.


  • Marty Fowler:

    Rhys–Please, please do more Evan Evans. I have been able to obtain all of the books, and just love the series. I was very disappointed to read that you might not write anymore. What do publishers know? From the comments on your website it seems that you have a great following for this series, and if the book clubs (Mystery Guild, etc) would include this series in their selections (which by the way is where I purchased my first copy) it would give you great exposure. I also love your Royal Spyness series, and can’t wait for the next book!


  • Lisa:

    My mum was Welsh (Cardiff area) and I’ve just discovered the “Evan” books. I find that I read them to myself with a Welsh accent!! My public library has them all (St. Louis, Missouri) and I’ve just placed a hold on them :) . Lovely books! Makes me want to take a trip to Llanfair and climb Mt. Snowden.

  • Claudia Aldrich:

    I recently discovered your wonderful books and today I finished the last of the Constable Evans series. I have finished all of your Royal Spyness series and the Molly Murphy series. I am devastated that there won’t be any more in the near future.

    I’m going to go through Rhys Bowen withdrawal……………….is there a support group?

    Thanks for all the pleasure I have enjoyed reading your delightful mysteries. I guess I’ll just have to catch up on cooking and cleaning and my grandchildren for a while.

  • Daryl:

    Add me to the Evan Evans list, but alas I am like many others..I like holding a book! I am jst finishing up your latest Molly Murphy and really love it. My mother’s family is all from Wales. I can relate to all the language and characters!

  • Frank Maynard:

    Can we expect to be able to obtain the “Evans” books in Kindle form from Amazon in the UK at all??

    It seems a great shame that such a great series is not available to us in the UK – especially if you are Welsh! and enjoy the books so much

    • rhys:

      Dear Frank:
      I have no control over what the publisher does or does not do in UK. Unfortunately the two publishers who had the series didn’t seem to do very much. Let’s keep hoping.

      Best wishes
      Rhys Bowen

  • rob miller:

    Ms. Bowen
    As I wrote on facebook, “By georgie, molly and friends have been an evanly blessing” Thanks. I guess I’ll have to start over at the beginning and re-read them all.. I’m 71, so being forgetful may prove to be a benefit. in this case.

  • Rodger Burnich:

    Just found the Evan Evans series and thanks to Amazon I have the series. I have read the first six and now am a bit nonplussed as to how quickly I finish as it sems there are no more planned. A nice series with great characters.

  • Pamela Gallagher:

    I am on the band wagon for more EVAN EVANS!!! DItto on all the above mentions. Please give us another one. I will buy 10 copies! One for me and nine to donate to my local library! Long live Constable Evans!
    Thank you.

  • Trish Rattue:

    Please convey to the publishers that I concur with other readers that I would love to see a continuation of the Evan Evans series in e book format. I will be first in line to pre-order them. The stories, characters and settings are delightful. I have also very much enjoyed the Royal Spyness Series.
    Thank you for the hours of good entertainment.

  • More Evans! Please, please. I suppose you get tired of writing the same characters and want to branch out but Evans is the best!
    Kate Jones

  • Harriet Bicksler:

    I love all of your books – but I would love to read more Constable Evans. Any chance that you will be writing more of that series?

  • Mary Keane:

    Hi, have just discovered the Inspector Evans series, and I am loving it. When will Book #2 and Book #3 be available on e-book? Since the lowest priced used copy of Evan Help Us that I could find is iver $100, I need it in e-book form before I can go on with the series. Thanks for a great and fun read!! Your fan, Mary

  • Doreen Talma:

    What was the last Constable Evans book published and when will the one following bcome out?

  • Monica H.:

    I echo Mary Keane’s 12/13/12 comments… I just fell in love with Constable Evans. I want to buy e-book editions of Book #2 and Book # 3, but they are not yet available. The prices for hard copy editions I see online are too high for me. My library (Ashburn, VA, USA) doesn’t have Book #3.

  • Why was only Evan Blessed (#9) recorded on audio book format? I really enjoyed it but would like to get the others in audio as well.

    • rhys:

      The other Evan books are available in audio in UK and available at some libraries over here. I wish they’d make them all available over in US

  • Ms. Archer Gilliam:

    Please more Evan Evans! I just finished the whole series, in book form from my local library in Virginia. North Wales is beautiful! Your descriptions are so evocative that I feel like I’m there. When I visited there some years ago I felt like I was coming home. I miss it! Please please please.

  • alice:

    Dear Ms. Bowen,

    I work in a public library and we have all the Evans book, as well as your other series. We have you as an “automatic author” which means we get anything you write automatically.

    I keep waiting for another Evans book. I loved reading every one of those books. Please write more. He is like an old friend that I miss hearing about.

    I read all the prior comments, but I’m just throwing my 2 cents in to the mix.

    Thank you for many happy hours of reading your books.


  • Dorothy Bermudez:

    Please write more Constable Evans books. I love this series. Thanks for much happiness.

  • Marie Leggero:

    Please, please write more books about Constable Evan Evans. I, personally, like this series the best. I am disappointed that you have not written more. Are you planning to continue with this series? I hope so. Thank you for the great reading.

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