At Book Passage, 2011

At Book Passage 2011

Meet Rhys!



Phoenix, AZ Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, AZ 03/04/2014 7pm
Denver, CO Tattered Cover, suburban store Highlands Ranch 03/05/2014 7:30
Houston, TX Murder By the Book, 03/06/2014 5:30pm
Ann Arbor, MI Aunt Agatha’s, 03/07/2014 7pm
Chicago, IL Anderson’s, Naperville, IL 03/08/2014 2pm
Tucson, AZ Tucson Festival of Books 03/14/2014
Tucson, AZ Tucson Festival of Books 03/15/2014
Monterey, CA Left Coast Crime, 03/20/2014
Monterey, CA Left Coast Crime 03/21/2014
Monterey, CA Left Coast Crime 03/22/2014
Los Angeles, CA Book Carnival, Orange, CA 03/28/2014 6:30 p.m.
Los Angeles, CA Mysterious Galaxy, Redondo Beach 03/28/2014  drive by 3 p.m.
Los Angeles, CA Mystery Ink – Huntington Beach, CA 03/29/2014  4.30 P.M.
Los Angeles, CA Vroman’s, Pasadena, CA 03/29/2014  7.p.m.
Los Angeles, CA Book’em, South Pasadena AND Altadena Library, CA 03/30/2014 i p.m. and  3 p.m.
La Jolla, CA Warwick’s, 03/31/2014    7:30 p.m.

Also add to this Bay Area signings: Orinda Books, Orinda, CA March 27. 1 p.m.

Bay Books, San Ramon, April 9th, 7 p.m.

Plus two literary festivals: Ladies of Intrigue, Huntington Beach, March 29 all day

Literary Orange, Marriott Irvine, April 5

This is the tour schedule as of now. There may be slight modifications so please check with me at also if you need details for any event.

Please confirm all times with the bookstores in question. If you can’t make it to a signing and would like a signed and personalized copy, call the store in advance. The stores on this list will be happy to ship signed books.



48 Responses to “Appearances”

  • Sue Tesnow:

    I enjoyed your last book. I am looking forward to your next one. They are so good I can’t put them down. I usally stay up all night trying to finish them.

  • Dona Johnson:


    Do you have plans for a trip to the Dallas/Ft Worth, TX area?

    I am thrilled with your “Royal…” mysteries/


    • rhys:

      I’m sorry it’s taken so long to reply to you. My website has been down when my web person became ill and I’ve just now been able to access it again.
      I come to Dallas quite often and will probably be there next November for the new Royal book. If you like I’ll add you to my newsletter list so that you’ll get updates on where I’ll be.


      • Dona:

        Dear Rhys,

        I will look forward to a visit from you in Dallas this year – if the stars align for you and your schedule.

        Please add me to your newsletter list, and hope to meet you personally and soon.


  • Hi there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I?ll certainly digg it and for my part recommend to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  • Ryce Morgan:

    I love your Royal Spyness series! I just started reading three weeks ago and am now on the latest one…can’t wait for the next one!!


    • rhys:

      Ryce, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books. Is your name pronounced reece or rice? I get a lot of people calling me “rice” when it’s reece.
      All best

  • Tina:


    Just wondering have you thought of coming to Toronto, Canada. It would be a honour to meet you. It is because of you, I’ve gotten my mom and three of my friends reading. They can’t put your books down. I love your writing. You are amazing!

    • rhys:

      No, Tina. It wasn’t deleted. It was hiding in a pending file!
      I have been to Toronto several times to the Bloody Words convention and I would love to come to visit bookstores some time. I’ll put you on my mailing list and then you’ll know if and when I might be heading your way.
      I’m so glad you and your mom are enjoying my books.

  • Nancie Ligon:

    Kudos! Enjoy all your books and look forwad to reading more. Any chance you’ll be appearing in Sonoma, CA? Readers Books would be a good place for your local fans to meet you.

    • rhys:

      Nancy, I live in San Rafael and have spoken at Readers several times, so I’m sure I’ll be there again soon. Look forward to meeting you!

  • Tina:

    I can’t believe i posted something on here, and it got deleted. It wasn’t anything negative it was all positive. Why did this happen?

  • Anita:

    I’ve just begun listening to the Royal Spyness books a few days ago on Audible. I truly adore the character of Lady Georgiana. And your narrator, Katherine Kellgren, is absolutely perfect!

  • cheri stevens:

    Wonderful newsletter. It is always great hearing from you and getting your up coming schedule.
    However, we are disappointed your book signing in San Francisco is so late in the day. That is the only one in our area and is just too difficult for us to get to so late in the day.

  • cheri stevens:

    Love your website. Though, as I recall, before it was easier to navigate your appearances as each had a direct link to the bookstores website. The other thing is on the welcome page “one of them with do anything “, must be “one of them would do anything”.

    Can’t wait to read the latest Molly Murphy adventure, especially now that she and Daniel are married…

    Hope you can manage soon, an appearance on the other side of the bay from San Francisco. We enjoy your talks so much.

    Cheri & Lionel

  • LynneK:

    Hi Rhys,
    Will you be appearing at Boucheron in Cleveland this year?

  • Susan Joyner:

    Ms Bowen would you please add me to your newsletter list. I am hoping you make a trip east possibly to Virginia in the future.

  • Morgan:

    I was given your book Murphy’s Law to read for a school summer reading assignment last summer. Ever since then, I have read all of the Molly Murphy books and am completely in LOVE with the series. I’m currently waiting on the shipment of your latest book Hush Now, Don’t You Cry to come in. If you ever get the opportunity I would love for you to visit Alexandria, Louisiana. I’d love to meet you! And please, keep the Molly Murphy books coming!

    • rhys:

      I hope to come to Alexandria, LA some day, Morgan. I have traveled all over to sign my books and was in New Orleans last summer.
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying them.


  • Hello Rhys, I wrote to Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver to inquire about you coming here for a booksigning. They said I would have to speak to your publicist or publisher and they would need to contact the bookstore to set up a time. Would you be interested in coming to Denver? We would love to meet you.

  • Cindy Hughes:

    You are an amazing writer! I love all your characters! I have read many of the Evan’s books and all of the Royal Spyness and Molly Murphy books over and over. I just finished Bless The Bride and look forward to reading Hush Now, Don’t You Cry. I was really hoping Molly would not marry yet, but you played it all out in such a way that made the event easier to digest. Thank you for the hours and hours of entertainment and for the historical insight into the social dynamics of the turn of the century. I hope you will continue to give us more of the same!!!!

  • Jessica:

    I purchased one of your Royal Spyness books as a gift for my mom because of her undying love/obsession with the UK. I ended up reading it before it even got to her. I loved it and have continued reading the rest of series. Thank you ! We would love to see you on the east coast!

  • Angela:

    I LOVE Molly Murphy! She is amazing!
    Are you planning to come north to Oregon or Washington at any time?

  • Susie:

    I absolutely LOVED Georgie in The Royal Spyness series. Can’t wait for the next book this December! I’m now on book 4 of the Molly Murphy series and I’m in love once again. You are a wonderful writer and you keep me guessing.
    Your loving fan, xoxo

  • Lacey:

    I LOVE your books!! I was wondering if you ever do appearences in North Carolina??? I thought Royal Spyness were my favorite books until I read all the Molly Murphy books and loved them even more! PLEASE keep them coming!!!

  • Lacey:

    I LOVE your books!! I was wondering if you ever do appearences in North Carolina??? I thought Royal Spyness were my favorite books until I read all the Molly Murphy books and loved them even more! PLEASE keep them coming!!!

  • Beth:

    Any chance of your visiting Philadelphia in the next year? I just discovered your books, and am devouring them a series at t time.

  • Carolyn Bartkus:

    Whatever has happened to Constable Evans. I love these books and really miss reading about him. Think you’ll be writing about him again. I have read every Molly Murphy book and every Your Royal Spyness book, and love them, too.

  • Janet Denney:

    Your Royal Spyness Mystery Series has given me hours of pleasure! Thanks so much. You write so well and Georgie is so charming. Honestly, I really admire the talent it takes to produce such stories – you have an abundance! I am also in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and I read here that you might be coming in November to promote the latest story in this series. I would appreciate being put on your newsletter list so I will be aware of your visit. I don’t want to miss it! Thank you!

  • Joan Anderson:

    What does it mean in the Evan Evans series when other characters call him Evan bach?
    I am also reading Her Spyness novels & Molly Murphy series & enjoy your writing immensely.
    Thank you

  • Pamela:

    As you walk into our local library, you’ll see a shelf on which sit staff members’ current favourite books. Thanks to Deanna, I was introduced to Lady Georgiana, in Naughty in Nice. I’ve been a devoted fan for weeks now! (As a tennis nut, I’d be most glad if Lady Georgie might perhaps wander off to Wimbledon.) And to think that you were on Henman Hill as I was glued to that same match. I probably saw you waving!
    Please come to Vancouver, BC, You may want to consider the highly popular Vancouver International Writers’ Festival. We also make a decent cuppa. There are thousands of good book devotees here, when we’re not off walking by the sea or hiking around the Gulf Islands. And Bard on the Beach is wonderful! Oh dear, I’m sounding like a tourist guide, but I figure if you have many reasons to come, it will be more fun for you, and a joy for us. .

  • Angela:


    According to the e-mail I received it says that you will be on tour again this November and will be coming to Portland. I clicked the link included to see dates but your site has not been updated with them. Do you have a ballpark of when you might be coming?

    Thanks so much!

  • Cindy Bass:

    I have read all your Molly Murphy Mystery Series, can not wait for your next. Purchased HUSH NOW, DON’T YOU CRY immediately, and as always a pleasure. I have just made a decision to reread all books in your Molly Murphy series on my Nook which I received from my daughter for my birthday; except HUSH NOW, DON’T YOU CRY which I own in hardcover. The others in the series I was introduced to last year in the public library.
    Thank you for having such talent to write and publish such lovely books for hours of pleasure. I was wondering if you ever come to the Boston area?

  • Hello,

    we would like to see more of Evan Evans. We miss him!

    Thank you,
    B and B

  • love your georgie books!!! i stay up until it is finished, do you see georgie traveling across the pond? would love to see her in that setting or even ireland(maybe with that darcy guy)??????

  • do you see yourself coming to lafayette, louisiana or baton rouge, louisiana for a signing?? my 85 year old mother and i love your molly murphy and georgie books, thanks so much

  • Karen:

    I’ve listened to all of Her Royal Spyness novels in the audio format on my iPhone. Audiobooks bring it all to life, especially with such a wonderful narrator as you have. I can’t wait for the November release. I hope the audiobook has the same release date. And, I also hope that Georgie and Darcy will finally settle down and give Queen Mary some relief from worry.

  • Ali:

    Loved your new book – will you have any Bay Area appearances??? Hope so!

  • Jamey Myers:

    Ms. Bowen,
    My sister and I both love reading all of your series. My 25 year-old daughter picked one of Her Royal Spyness from the bookshelf and she is now hooked. She beat me in ordering the kindle version of The Twelve Clues of Christmas. Can’t wait for the next Molly Murphy title to be released! Your characters are so well-developed and believable. I appreciate the detail specific to the time period and setting.Thank you for continuing to share these delightful stories! I hope that you return to Northern Calofornia soon- I missed th Corta Madera book signing, but will now keep my eyes open for future visits!

  • Elizabeth:

    Hi Rhys,

    I had to write and tell you how much I loved The Twelve Clues of Christmas. Ten days before Christmas, I hospitalized for a ruptured appendix and then spent two weeks mostly in bed recuperating. Your lovely book did so much to entertain me and raise my spirits that I will be forever grateful!! It was the perfect Christmas treat!!

    Thank you for a wonderful book!

  • rob miller:

    ms. bowen
    will you be attending the tucson festival of books? either way, please, please unlock the prison that is holding evan. we miss him!
    rob miller

  • Bryn Homsy:

    Dear Rhys, I am new to your writing and have fallen in love with Georgie and Evan Evans. Your writing style is easy and amusing so it is a joy to read your cosy mysteries before bedtime. My husband and I have lived, studied and volunteered for the National Trust in the UK for many years so that makes your stories all that more fun. Good Luck to you for the future – hope you keep writing for all of us fans to enjoy. Cheers, Bryn Homsy

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