Virtual Signing

Love and Death Among the CheetahsI’m excited to share I’ll be doing a Virtual Signing for the release of LOVE AND DEATH AMONG THE CHEETAHS this August.

Please note that supplies are limited and you must place your order by July 3rd.

Please be aware that signed, personalized copies are available to U.S. residents ONLY. Unfortunately the bookstore is not able to accommodate international orders.

All you have to do is buy a book through the Book Passage website using this link:

Preorder a personalized copy of LOVE AND DEATH AMONG THE CHEETAHS.

Books will be shipped out to arrive within a week after the book’s August 6 release date.

Please see below for more details before placing your order.

Virtual Signing FAQ:

What is a Virtual Signing?

A virtual signing is a way to get a personalized signed copy of a book when you are unable to attend an in-store book signing. You will order the book through the Book Passage website, indicate who you would like the book signed to, and the store will get it signed and shipped out to you shortly after the book’s release date.

What does it mean ‘supplies are limited’?

It means there are a finite amount of signed books available for sale. Once all of the books we have been allotted have been sold, then this portion of the virtual signing is over and you will not be able to order a personalized copy of this book.

Will I get my copy of LOVE AND DEATH AMONG THE CHEETAHS the same day it is released?

No, your book will be shipped to you to arrive within a week following the book’s August 6 release date.

Will Rhys write a personalized message besides just my name (or a name I designate)?

Rhys will write your name or whoever you want the book inscribed to and her signature. You may also request a brief special message, such as “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” etc.

After you place your book order, there is a comments box on the payment page. Please indicate in that comments box how you would like your book inscribed. This is where you will put the name you would like Rhys to sign the book to. Example: “Please sign to Martha” or just “Martha.” You may also request, “Please sign ‘Happy Birthday, Sarah!’” If you do not want your book personalized, please indicate that you would like an autograph only. If you make no indication either way, Rhys will sign your book but there will be no personalization.

** Please note that personalization is at Rhys’s discretion.**

May I order more than one book and have each signed to a different person?


I forgot to write anything in the comments box…what happens now?

Please contact Book Passage at 415-927-0960 or and they will be able to add it to your order. If you don’t contact Book Passage then your book will be signed by Rhys, but it will have no name inscribed.

Do you have an order or purchasing question that isn’t answered here?

Please contact Book Passage at 415-927-0960 or